Friday, July 4, 2014

Red-headed Woodpecker- chick makes an appearance

After several weeks of watching a pair of Red-headed Woodpeckers carry food in to a nest cavity at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, a chick is now large enough to make an appearance at the opening.  I note the faint red below the eye.

It is fair to ask if there is only one chick.  I cannot make that conclusion at this time.  It is possible only one came up to the opening at a time, or a second one is too small at present.  I also saw the adults go deeply into the cavity on some feeding trips which suggests the possibility of a second smaller chick. 

The real highpoint today was capturing one image of the actual feeding.  Both adults arrived at almost the same time with the one on the right waiting its turn.

In looking at images of the adults arriving, I determined that along with berries and moths, they are bringing in wasps.  It's all high value food.

This is all pretty exciting.

Paul Schmitt

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