Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snow Geese!

I've been  hard at work redesigning my website with little time out for actual photography.  After reading for nearly a week about the huge numbers of Snow Geese flying north through the Finger Lakes, I finally got a good day to see for myself - sunny and mild. 

The most striking thing about Snow Geese is surely the overall effect when they fill the sky with a nearly complete mass of flapping wings and fill your ears with a raucous cacophony of voices.

They often seem to become excited for no apparent reason, and waves ascend to land in another nearby marsh.

It is a challenge in such a mass of birds to concentrate on just a few at closer range. Tracking them through the viewfinder is not always easy, nor is there much time to decide which birds to include.

Another beautiful aspect of the show is the coordinated flight of pairs. I assume they are bonded pairs since it occurs so often as two, not three or five. 

Now, it is back to my work on my website.  The redesign is complete today.  I've worked to make the watermark less intrusive.  (It is only on the web pages and not any purchased images.) There are now two featured galleries at the top, one of select images suitable for decorating home or office, and another one of colorful images sized to make beautiful mouse pads. You'll find one image on the mouse pad that is a sky full of Snow Geese.  The website is:

I've listened to suggestions for this redesign, and hope I have been able to meet those expectations.  I welcome any comments.

Warm regards,
Paul Schmitt

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