Friday, April 20, 2012

Ever Vigilant for Us

You rightly might wonder at the title for a blog on bird photography. ( I will explain.)  I remember when as a child, it was not worrisome to parents when their child went off alone to spend some time exploring the woods.  But, that was then and now it is different.  There are issues including the low lifes who brew illegal drugs in isolated places such as birders, hikers and photographers visit. They are not above any sort of violence.

This  morning, my chore list suggested to me that it was best to stay close to home for my photo outing.  I picked an abandoned road nearby, that tragically was the site where a New York trooper lost  his life to some drug-addict bank robbers. It has been transformed into a park to honor him, and all those who serve the public safety.  It was, and still is a haven for wildlife.

This  morning, I had found mostly Northern Cardinals, American Robins, and very vocal Song Sparrows. It was going slowly.  I heard many birds but they were not giving me many clear compositions.  Still, it was a great way to begin the day.  This one Northern Cardinal did peer at me through a very narrow opening. 

I had parked my car at an angle in the middle of the road to  face face a nice bit of bird cover and the Song Sparrows were there, but always inside the bushy cover. The road, being dead end now, is a favorite for the casual walker and the occasional fisherman who drives to the end to access the large pond that parallels the road. So, I keep an eye in my rear view mirror to be sure I  can pull over if anyone needs to pass.  I caught sight of a car close behind me and so I  pulled over to the side.  As I did, I saw that the driver, nicely dressed in a business suit, was getting out.  As he approached, he identified himself as New York State Police.  So, they keep watch on this special place, ever vigilant.  Reassuring to me.  We had a nice conversation and I noted that this place held special meaning to a lot of people who will never forget that tragic day in March.

The morning passed quickly with no spectacular results. There were many American Robins along the road, some even right next to the car, but only once did a Robin perch nicely for me.

Yes,  the Robin was that close.  Sometimes I realize that the most commonplace birds are missing in my files, so I am glad to get this image.  And, I am glad that the troopers keep a special watch on this park now.  The future of this park should be as a safe place to remember those who serve.


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  1. Love that cardinal! And the robin ! :-) And boy, I'm always worrying about where I pull off and wonder if I'll be in trouble with a police officer. I always hear they are very nice to birders, glad yours was too.