Sunday, April 29, 2012

Potpourri to End the Month

It seems like I've had to work very hard this last week to get close to birds.   The early spring has morphed into a late one as we've had a string of mornings that begin with a hard freeze.  I even saw some clumps of snow at higher elevations.

While some birds are already hatching their young (Eagles, Herons, Owls and Geese), the insect and nectar eaters are definitely behind right now. I've had few images to select from.  Perhaps the most encouraging has been the Eastern Bluebirds that have finally begun to nest. This male was seen hunting from a high perch next to a lawn.

Male Eastern Bluebird

Nearby, some interest is finally being shown in the next boxes.

Female Eastern Bluebird

At a nearby pond, I noticed a small bird swooping down to dapple the surface, obviously feeding on hatching insects.  It is an Eastern Phoebe.

Eastern Phoebe

I've found the nest and hope to have more photos soon.  And, yes, they really do say Phoebe quite distinctly.

Went up to Cornell University's Arnot Research Forest today hoping for Louisiana Waterthrush and other warblers or sparrows with no luck. One Phoebe teased me but never came into sight.  Did happen upon a flock of  Eastern Towhees, and enjoyed watching them as they too teased me from within the piles of branches and leaves.  Finally, in an act of mercy, one allowed me a clear view.

Eastern Towhee male

Tomorrow, I am going after wildflowers in a new location.  Unlike birds, they cannot fly away even if they can hid in the branches and leaves. Maybe I'll have something to show for my efforts.


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  1. Beautiful, especially love the female bluebird at the birdhouse, the wing capture is gorgeous!