Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Joys of Spring

Yesterday was the end of May.  The month's been busy.  It is time for a recap of some highlights.

First was the joy of finding some favorites seen in a new way.  Always love the Trillium grandiflorum.  I came away with muddy knees.  It was worthwhile.

Another striking wildflower that I seem to have difficulty finding in full bloom is the Virginia Bluebells, also called Virginia Cowslip.  (Mertensia virginica)

Spring is a conflicted time with the natural world so active.  Emerging flowers and returning birds compete for my attention with spring green landscapes.  The Common Yellowthroat is a familiar friend that I found singing strongly his familiar song.

 Another friend is the Tree Swallow.  They compete with Eastern Bluebirds for nest boxes.  Not quite as musical, they are a bit more approachable and are brilliant  when the sun plays on their feathers.

The Eastern Bluebirds will take up a defensive position on a favored nest box and scan the sky for their adversary, the Tree Swallow.

The flora keeps calling with some subjects beyond the common. The most notable are the Pink Lady's Slippers that are found infrequently.  They are simply glorious.

With luck or patience, one can see what pollinates them.  It is a race to get to a bloom before the Bumblebee races off to another distant target.  In the mix of sun and shadow, getting the bee on a sunny bloom is near to impossible.

But sometimes the sun does align with some flowers for a spectacular display.

The result justifies the pain of awaking at 5 am to arrive when the light is perfect.

It's been a good spring.

Paul Schmitt


  1. Brilliant pictures! Especially the yellowthroat which appears to be quite intense in whatever it wants to say.

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