Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Taste of Autumn

After processing 1865 images of Ecuador into around 344 final images, I needed a break.  Today dawned cool and rainy with the smell of autumn in the woods. Took a break from the computer to visit the Thomas' woods in Caton for a two-hour saunter.  How refreshing it felt.  My first stop was at a fresh mushroom under the tall trees.

Notice the little orange creature in the upper left.  After a day of rain, it is pretty certain that the Red Efts will emerge to search for small gnats and the such. They are just lovely little guys. Had to get closer to the newt.  I am guessing that the orange is a message to any predators that they are toxic.  Anyone want to test that?

Moving on in my ramble, I saw another fungus of interest, called Turkey Tails.  I have seen some very nice earrings made with these.

The morning was so entertaining; I had lost track of time, so I headed toward the Thomas house only to be sidelined by a final mushroom.  The iridescent colors on the foreground leaves were hard to show in the camera without overdoing the overall balance, but will remain clear in my memory.

The morning was over except for a visit with my friend, Leo, and the usual cup of perfect coffee.  I am really pumped up for autumn after this morning's taste of it.


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