Friday, October 24, 2014

Fallen Leaves

Autumn is winding down. I went for a morning walk up a steep trail on Steege Hill and found that most of the color was on the ground, not in the trees.  Wind and rain are to blame for that. Still, I found a subtle beauty that spoke to me. The morning dew left jewel-like droplets on the waxy leaves.

I found another sparkling leaf nearby.  You can see the sky color in the droplets.

Looking closely, the leaf colors have many variations, not just red and yellow. Would the one in the upper left be peach-colored?

It is so easy to only look at the big landscape in autumn.  When I do that, I find the images often lack originality.  So, I try to look at a closer level too.  Then, I find a lot of interesting details like the endless variation in blemished forms.  Perfection can be boring.

But sometimes I find a perfect set of complementary colors with few distractions.  Red and green,  how nice.  The red was unique as I scanned for others with similar hue.  Just this one.

For all this, my favorite of the outing was this simple set of leaves with a soft blush of color.

All of these were photographed with an ultra light Nikon V2 mirrorless camera.  The entire three lens kit fits in a fanny pack with room to spare.  Images were edited minimally with barely any cropping.


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