Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Early Autumn- Fungi and Flowers

Early autumn brings out some beauty in both the fungi and the flowers. Found a few favorites today. Old growth forests have a diverse population of fungi.  Found a neat little coral fungus today.

On the remnants of a tree from long ago, was a cluster of small fungi like so many little umbrellas on the side of a steep mountain peak.   Wonderfully rich colors.

Wanting some variety, I went to a field of aster and goldenrod to find a more rare flowering plant.  The fringed gentian (Gentiana crinita) grows in a very limited geology exhibiting a very shallow soil that is poorly drained.  It is in danger of disappearing.  Its color is beautiful, but also very difficult to capture accurately.

The flowers only open in full sun (to only share pollen when insect pollinators are active).  But, when the sun comes out, the winds kick up. It becomes a challenge to show the sharp detail on the petals when the winds are gusty.  Getting good results becomes a test of patience.  This pair of blooms are basically shouting to the bees "Come and get it!"

I found the fewest fringed gentians of any year, so I just wonder how many more years I will find them.  Seems the same can be said of the Monarch butterfly.


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