Monday, February 24, 2014

Winter Foray

Escaped the house yesterday to explore some icy waterfalls for material to use in my next video.  Along the way, I saw a few late winter scenes to capture with my smartphone. On the path up Havana Glen towards Eagle Cliff Falls, I found the record of an earlier walker and his dog.  One footprint for each.

The huge sycamore trees along the creek often hold on to their leaves until late winter when snow and ice build up on them. Then, a strong wind finally pulls them free to litter the snowy field.  These leaves were virtually the only colorful objects to be found on this late February morning. 

The leaves along the way were only a diversion from my goal to see what the lower part of Eagle Cliff Falls looked like after a cold winter's season. It was running muddy brown-- after all, February is the beginning of the fifth season - mud season.  There were huge mountains of ice on the drops.

The main falls is up around the bend and the trail up there is closed for obvious reasons.  It must be a wonderful scene that I can only guess about.

Note:  All of the above images were made by iPhone 5S (handheld) and processed on my iPad using Laminar Pro editing app.


Paul Schmitt

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