Friday, November 1, 2013

The End of Autumn

Yesterday was the last day of my photo exhibit at Cornell Plantation's Nevin Welcome Center. As I drove through heavy rain on my way to pack up the display, I did not expect to find any good scenes. So, I only had my cell phone camera.  As I should have expected, the rain ceased and the remaining leaves were deeply saturated in color.  It only got better and when I packed my car, I was regretting my decision not to bring a camera.  But, the camera you have is the camera you use.

So, this is what I saw from the parking lot.  I've processed it in MobilMonet to create a pen and watercolor rendition.

Looking down at the garden bed which borders the parking lot, the combination of fading asters and fallen leaves spoke of the final stage of autumn.  It makes me want to go out and plant a few maple trees in my yard. (Then I remember the work of clearing autumn leaves!)

To many, the lure of fall photos is the grand view of a landscape, but I also like to search the ground for those small arrangements of leaves.  It is much like the Where's Waldo images that are so compelling.

You may ask if I arrange the leaves.  No, the enjoyment is in discovering the random act.  This one on the concrete walk attracts me because of the stains from earlier leaves that have been scattered.

There were many other subjects that were beyond the capability of the cell phone camera.  The camera is just too wide a view to exclude bad elements such as cars and power poles. I was satisfied that I had at least caught some of what I felt at the moment.  Today, the winds are strong and most of the leaves will be gone from the trees. 

Paul Schmitt

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