Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hooded Warbler!!

After posting the five bird photos from the Newtown Battlefield Reservation last night, I got the energy to go back this morning to see if I could fill in the missing photos of the Hooded Warbler.  The image of the Hooded Warbler was so strong  in my mind that I had to try.

Going back to the exact location where I saw the bird over a week ago, I was not very hopeful.  But chance must have been on my side.

Hood Warbler, male

If you were unfamiliar with this bird, you might have wondered at my high interest.  Now you can see for yourself. The bird looks like it is wearing a balaclava hood. 

Hooded Warbler in full song

The bird was actually very vocal and I began to suspect there was  a second male nearby, but it always stayed under cover. Their eyesight must be extraordinary.  Sometimes it would interrupt its song to dash under some oak leaves and catch some prey. I concluded the bird was fully aware of me, but like a House Wren, comfortable with my closeness. At one point, it was about five feet over my head and another time it was less than ten feet away at eye level.  Amazing.

So, continuing on my request to pick your favorite photos, would anyone want to change their vote?  I really appreciate you comments because it helps me select images for an exhibit I have scheduled next year.


Paul Schmitt

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